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How to Do Eyebrow Microblading In Aurora ON

Microblading is an art. It is like crafting out a unique face for each person. A needle is used which does not pierce into your skin but gently scratches it.

The difference between microblading and tattoo is that it is not on the inner layer of the skin. Moreover, it is not permanent; it will start fading within a year or so.

Here is a step-by-step guide to what actually happens in eyebrow microblading in Aurora ON.

1. Preparing the area

The professional tech will start with threading your eyebrow. He will essentially prepare the area to be ready for the next treatment. All the unwanted hairs are removed.

2. Numbing

This part usually takes about forty minutes. They will numb the hell out of your eyebrows! During this time the professional will try to ease you out by talking about random things. You may choose to maintain your privacy and grab a piece of a magazine as well.

3. Measurement

Just before the numbing cream has completed its work, the tech will start measuring your eyebrow and your face. He will look at the symmetry and other geometrical details that may be useful. He will also look at your face shape and features.

4. Needling

Now the needling starts. Don’t worry! It will not hurt. Just like eyebrow threading, it is a unique experience but not exactly hurtful. The tech will make small marks on your eyebrow where the pigment will sweep in. however, if you feel hurt, you can ask them to use another layer of numbing cream which will take more 5 minutes to start working.

5. Pigmentation

Finally, the coloured pigment is allowed to seep into your skin. This will again take about 5 minutes. Just like the numbing cream, the pigment will be spread across your brow for better results.

6. Top-up session

You will be called again within 6 to 8 weeks to check if any gaps need to be filled. This part is essentially filling up any voids that may have been left behind in the first try.

 To sum up Eyebrow microblading in Aurora ON is a very straightforward process; more so in Yen Nails. At Yen Nails, we deal with you on a one-to-one level. You will be assigned a tech who will cater to all your needs. Believe me, microblading is fun exercise.