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Nail Art Trends To Expect In 2022

The nail art industry has grown tremendously over the past few years, and we’re seeing more and more trends come up every year. From holographic nails to glittery designs, there are many ways to express yourself through your nails.

Here are some of the trends you can expect to see in 2022.

1. Glitter:

Glitter is a trend that’s here to stay. It’s easy to apply and looks great on any skin tone. If you like glitter, then you’ll love this trend.

2. Holographic:

Holographic nails are another popular trend. They’re fun and add a little bit of sparkle to your manicure. You can get them done at home or have a professional do it for you.

3. Acrylic:

Acrylic nails are a classic choice for women who want something simple and elegant. They’re durable and last longer than other types of nails.

4. Geometric nails:

Geometric nails are a great option for those who like to experiment with new designs. They’re very trendy right now, and we expect them to stay popular for quite some time. You can find geometric polishes, acrylic paints, and glitters.

5. Customised Nails:

Customised nails are becoming increasingly popular. There are many companies that offer custom designs. Some of them include nail wraps, stickers, and decals.

6. 3D Nails:

3D nails are growing in popularity. They allow you to create unique designs that are impossible with traditional nails.

8. Nail Art:

Nail art is a creative way to express yourself. You can do anything from drawing patterns to adding flowers and hearts.

9. Neon nails:

Neon nails are another trend that’s growing in popularity. They‘re fun, bright, and attention grabbing. There are several ways to incorporate neon into your manicure, including using neon polishes, neon acrylic paints, and neon glitters.